S. O. B. Story


This EP is hell-bent on subverting the notion that being LGBTQ+ means hating yourself. Like its satirical backronym - Son Of a Bitch - the collection of queer anthems is cheeky, upbeat, and menacing.

Medusa, via Rising Artists Blog:

"Every Pride month, we get bombarded with toxic bullshit.

Corporations release rainbow products, desperate to capitalize off our identities, and donate the money to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians by the time your summer tan fades. That became ‘Piggyback,’ which says ‘actually, no, you won’t take advantage of me’.

Bigots get extra mad during Pride month because they are reminded we exist, and we’re expected to accept their hatred and vitriol with grace and passivity. That became ‘King of Prom Queens,’ a queer reimagining of the classic horror film Carrie, where the bullied girl unleashes her infernal revenge.

And, finally, there’s good old-fashioned respectability politics, especially surrounding trans and genderqueer people. Are you conventionally attractive enough to deserve acceptance? Or are you one of the weird freaks? But, people condemn what’s in our pants with one hand in their own. That became ‘When Terfs Cry,’ which is unabashedly sexual, and meant to taunt the people who say they hate us, and yet seem to be obsessed with us.

As for the title, I just got disgusted by the inspiration porn surrounding the queer identity. People only seem to care about sharing our sob stories - when we got bullied, how our parents didn’t accept us, how it’s so hard to be different. And those things can be true.

But, I think it’s really dangerous for that to be the only narrative. Because then, you’re a young gay kid going ‘oh my god, my whole life is going to be suffering.’ And that just isn’t true. I chose ‘S. O. B. Story’ because...what if I’m not crying about who I am? What if I'm a force to be reckoned with?"

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