Medusa is a nonbinary "revenge pop" artist based in Buffalo, NY.  Their signature sound draws from experimental hip-hop, art-pop, and hyperpop, often incorporating unique elements like cheerleading chants and contrasted metal breaks. Post-gender and post-genre, but not pre-tentious.

Like their namesake, Medusa has been called a monster, but isn't afraid to embody that power. After a massive betrayal, they began funneling their frustrations into music and posting it online, never intending for anyone to know. Despite their small cult following, they were able to keep their identity and musical life a secret until 2017, when they were asked to come out of hiding for their first performance. Their own first live performance was also the first show they'd ever attended.

Since then, they've embraced identifying with their work publicly, and seek to be the representation they wish they'd had earlier in life. Their coming-of-gender LP, Boy of the Year, sparked a blaze through 2020's underground queer scene. It helped draw particular attention to one of their first songs, Danny Phantom, a dark raptronica confessional about eating disorder recovery. Followers of their social media enjoy regular Q+A’s, support sessions, and other LGBTQ+ outreach efforts.  S. O. B. Story, their upcoming EP satirizing the expected queer experience, is due 6/25/2021 via AWAL.