Medusa, a queer music artist, performing at Bowery Electric in New York
Medusa (musician) sings into a microphone, behind a mixer and laptop, looking to the side wearing fishnets and shibari under short sleeve button-down collared shirt.
Medusa (musical artist) under a spotlight onstage at Mohawk Place, behind their synthesizers, performing Trail and reaching out their hand as they sing, in front of a projection of fractals.
Medusa, pop musician, singing into two microphones at Mohawk Place.
Photo of Medusa (musical artist) performing Danny Phantom onstage at a hip-hop festival. They sit backwards on a wooden chair in front of brick wall.
Medusa (pop artist) sitting on the floor of the stage at Sugar City, a DIY venue in Buffalo New York, singing Find Me. The room is dark, lit only by blue light.
Medusa, an LGBT alt-pop musician, performing at Bowery Electric in New York