Medusa (musician) sings into a microphone, behind a mixer and laptop, looking to the side wearing fishnets and shibari under short sleeve button-down collared shirt.
Medusa (musical artist) under a spotlight onstage at Mohawk Place, behind their synthesizers, performing Trail and reaching out their hand as they sing, in front of a projection of fractals.
Medusa, pop musician, singing into two microphones at Mohawk Place.
Photo of Medusa (musical artist) performing Danny Phantom onstage at a hip-hop festival. They sit backwards on a wooden chair in front of brick wall.
Medusa (pop artist) sitting on the floor of the stage at Sugar City, a DIY venue in Buffalo New York, singing Find Me. The room is dark, lit only by blue light.


Close-up by Libby March of Medusa's face, looking up into the camera. Their hair is cropped short and their makeup runs. Two small googly eyes adorn their cheeks beneath their smeared makeup.
Medusa (musician) rapping in a pink spray-painted Balaclava (ski mask) and green sweatshirt at Rodadoors 2, a music festival in Buffalo NY.
Medusa (pop music artist) performing an LGBT pride event at Mohawk Place. Their hair is green and they laugh into a microphone, in front of a large pink, blue, and green projection.
Medusa (pop music producer) performing Caligula, wearing a black shirt and jeans under a chest harness, playing air guitar on stage at Milkie's in Buffalo.